about us

Kimia Export Development Company is a private and independent company that was established in 1398 for entrepreneurship and youth employment, which produces its products under the Avasan brand. By obtaining legal permits from competent authorities and observing international standards and protocols, and using the latest world knowledge and up-to-date machinery and experienced and educated personnel in related fields, to produce products such as medical alcohol pads to disinfect the injection site. , Home appliances and work environment.

Avasan alcohol pad is marketed in different numbers according to customer needs in standard and sterile packages. Avasan alcohol pad with 70% ethanol alcohol in aluminum coating in the form of 5 * 5 sachet with an expiration date of 3 years after production is a suitable device for disinfecting mobile phones and glasses.
Other products of Trita Kimia Export Development Company include wipes, lacquer pads and cosmetic pads, and hospital and medical clothing.
Produces hospital clothes in different dimensions and sizes with different categories as follows:
  1. Sick clothes
  2. Set MRI
  3. Sick hat
  4. Austin
  5. Disposable sheets
  6. Sick sheets
  7. Shoe cover
  8. White-colored robe
  9. Corona dress
  10. Medical guns in different colors